Truck Simulator Ultimate vs Truckers of Europe 3 [Compared]

Truck simulation games have gained popularity over the years due to their realistic game and other multiple features, where a player can start his virtual journey as a truck driver. Users are getting confused about which trucking game offers more features and has unique features. In this guide, we are going to compare the most popular truck games, Truck Simulator Ultimate vs Truckers of Europe 3. We will discuss their gameplay, features, mechanics, and overall user experience. I’ll also give my final verdict based on my personal experience.

Truck Simulator Ultimate vs Truckers of Europe 3

Those who are asking questions in communities and forums about these games, which one is best but not getting proper answers, I’m providing every aspect that will help you a lot.

Truck Simulator Ultimate vs Truckers of Europe 3

Here is an ultimate comparison so you can get a clear idea:

Gameplay Mechanics

Truck Simulator has a wide range of trucks, where the user not only drives a truck but also creates his cargo company, hires other drivers and expands their fleet. These features add up more excitement to the players to immerse themselves in the trucking journey.

Truckers of Eupore 3 only focuses on authentic roads, and it has expanded maps. Another thing I’ve noticed, it’s fuel consumption works accurately. This game has a proper career mode where a user enters as a novice player and completes missions and challenges to earn rewards, and its rankings will be improved gradually.

3D Graphics and Realism

In the features of graphics and realism, Truck Simulator Ulitimate completely blow out Truckers of Europe 3. It has a more dynamic environment and realistic features that soothe your mind. Moreover, it has more detailed textures and a powerful graphics engine that renders trees, bridges, grass, and fog perfectly.

Best Comparison Between Truckers of Europe 3 and Truck Simulator Ultimate 1 3 screenshot

On the other hand, the graphics of Truckers of Europe 3 look dated, so it seems simplistic gameplay. Although, its scenes are accurately mapped. Eventually, Truck Simulator has more realistic and modern graphics.

Upgrades and Customization

Both games offer upgrades and customization, but the Truck Simulator offers a wide range. You can adjust the tyre pressure of the truck, Interior, and exterior as well. Players can also install aftermarket parts and tools to power up the vehicles.
Truckers of Europe 3 also offer customizations but are not as detail-oriented as its competitor.

Their Modded Versions

When it comes to modified versions of both games, Truck Simulator Mod APK has won the battle. It’s modes are easily available on the internet, as well as you can get timely updated mods with proper customer support.

On the other hand, Truckers of Europe 3 Mod Apk has a few lacks; it’s modded version can’t give as much as Truck Simulator. Modders are also more interested in those game that captures the audience. You will not get timely updated versions of this particular game.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, in the Truck Simulator Ultimate vs Truckers of Europe 3, every player has their own preferences. Every game comes with its own unique features that target a specific audience. For me, Truck Simulator Ultimate has won the battle according to its gameplay, customization, and other features as well, you can also get the modded version of Truck Simulator: Ultimate. Let’s drop the comments below about which game you are playing and which one is your favourite feature.

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